Media Composer | ScriptSync AI Option

Screen displays Avid Media Composer | ScriptSync AI Option fast and simple script-based editing

Speed up script-based editing with AI

Preview the new and improved AI-based timesaver. With ScriptSync AI—a powerful dialog search and sync option for Media Composer subscriptions and included with Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise—you can eliminate time-consuming manual media searches and quickly find the best take or perfect clip fast. ScriptSync AI indexes all text and audible dialog in your project automatically and then syncs each source clip to its associated line in the script. Once synced, you can quickly locate all relevant clips in seconds based on a word or phrase search, enabling you to compare performances in the context of your story.


  • Work faster and easier with new features
  • Save hours of time
  • Sync and edit text
  • Find the best takes fast
  • Work in different languages
  • Preview ScriptSync AI with the latest Media Composer
  • Leveraging robust and powerful AI technology, you can now create scripts from clips and automatically align your media with text in the script window. You can also undo and redo tasks, view clips in their native frame format (including 4x3 and 16x9), and gain access to a larger color palette, giving you more color choices for richer organization and script markup. Plus, ScriptSync AI also provides a new transcription management tool and automatic multi-lingual language detection.

  • Forget having to spend countless hours manually triaging dailies and aligning media with the script text. ScriptSync AI automatically handles all of this for you, enabling you to make creative decisions faster with little effort. It’s ideal for accelerating production time on films, TV shows, documentaries, interviews, and reality TV.

  • Simply save any script or transcript as a text (.txt) file, and ScriptSync AI automatically goes to work, indexing and syncing all text and dialog in your project—no matter where the clips are stored—with incredible speed and accuracy. Plus, you can also edit text in the script to match what was actually said in the synced clip.

  • No need to search through hundreds of hours of footage; ScriptSync AI enables you to locate all takes of any scripted or transcribed dialog line, quickly and easily. You can then audition each take in context with the scene to find the best one. Or edit dialog together from different sources to create that perfect performance. 

  • ScriptSync AI supports a wide variety of languages and dialects, including English (American, Australian, and UK), Arabic, Dutch, Flemish, French (Canadian and European), German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Castilian and Latin American), Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, and Turkish. This enables you to work on projects and locate clips in a multitude of languages.

  • Accelerate and elevate your storytelling with the preview of ScriptSync AI in Media Composer 2023.8. Get ahead of the pack by leveraging the new AI-powered features to boost your efficiency.

System Requirements


  • PhraseFind AI and ScriptSync AI FAQ