Preview, control, and schedule media ingest remotely

MediaCentral | Acquire offers a simple solution for the complex task of recording and sharing media. Available as an app in MediaCentral | Cloud UX, Acquire enhances your workflow by providing instant access to recorded media. Schedule media ingest in real time, record, and preview incoming feeds. Securely control more ingest sources remotely from anywhere, and add vital metadata to enhance search capabilities. And with integrated router control, Acquire increases efficiency and remote collaboration for a more effective story-centric workflow.



Enable remote scheduling 

MediaCentral _ Acquire scheduling ingest app From crash recordings to recurring, scheduled recordings, MediaCentral | Acquire gives the power to ingest from Avid | Stream IO,  MediaCentral | Stream and FastServe | Ingest devices. And with integrated router control, it is the ideal solution for a host of workflows.

Meet the increasing demand for content creation

MediaCentral _ Acquire List View MediaCentral | Acquire makes it easy to securely control multiple ingest sources using a simple Chrome web browser enabling you to speed up your ability to provide content. Simplify your feed, stream, and video-over-IP ingest requirements from your MediaCentral |  Production Management system.

Connect your team, wherever they are 

MediaCentral _ Acquire Channel View Enable team members to instantly and securely connect from anywhere, ingest streams and edit these growing files with a wide choice of editing tools, including Media Composer. Combined with MediaCentral’s diverse collaboration, graphics, and publishing features, MediaCentral | Acquire enables you to produce and deliver high-quality highlights to any digital outlet even faster.

Content gateway to sophisticated workflow capabilities 

MediaCentral Acquire with Asset Management Ideal for the needs of your live production environment, MediaCentral | Acquire can also ingest directly to your MediaCentral | Asset Management system providing access to more sophisticated workflows and orchestration.


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