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Pro Tools | MTRX II not only comes with 64 channels of built-in DigiLink I/O, 256 channels of Dante, and 64 channels of MADI, it’s fully modular to accommodate any artist, band, or ensemble. Configure its eight card slots with all the I/O you need—the same option cards as MTRX, plus a new Thunderbolt™ 3 option—replacing multiple I/O, routing, and monitor control interfaces. Even connect multiple HDX systems and DAWs together with a single interface.

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Head on view of MTRX II
MTRX II base unit
Rear of MTRX II with no option cards or modules installed

Get built-in DigiLink, Dante, and MADI I/O, plus eight slots to add options.

Stereo music mixing
Rear of MTRX II with 8 channel Mic Pre option card, two 8 channel lin output cards, Digilink option card, and Thunderbotl3 module

Mix and match analog and digital option cards to meet your I/O and monitoring needs.

Music production
Rear of MTRX II with 4 8 channel mic pre option cards and 4 8 channel line out option cards and the Thunderbolt 3 module

Connect all of your gear and record pristine-quality sound with a single MTRX II interface.

Rear of MTRX II focusing on the two network ports for 256 channels of Dante and MTRX II control
Connect to any Dante network

With 256 integrated Dante channels, you can connect your Pro Tools | HDX system to any Dante network—the industry’s preferred audio-over-IP solution. Not only is Ethernet economical—especially where long cable runs are required—it allows for a more versatile workflow that leverages your facility’s Ethernet infrastructure to route audio between multiple rooms and devices.

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Get unparalleled sound quality and clarity

Building on the MTRX legacy, MTRX II delivers the cleanest, most transparent, and highly detailed AD and DA conversion of any audio interface. This enables you to capture vocals and acoustic instruments without any coloring—exactly as the sources sound—and then monitor your music mix in all its sonic glory through some of the highest quality audio converters in the industry.

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Get unparalleled sound quality and clarity
Get expanded DAW and Dolby workflows

With the Thunderbolt 3 option, MTRX II can function as a native Pro Tools or other DAW system, enabling up to 256 channels of low-latency I/O to your Mac or PC. Used in conjunction with DigiLink, you can route audio between Pro Tools and other DAWs and applications, opening up new music creation possibilities. And for Pro Tools | HDX users mixing Dolby Atmos music, it enables you to route audio to the Dolby Atmos Renderer while maintaining full use of your DSP cores.

Monitor and route audio in more ways

With its configurable I/O, integrated SPQ Speaker Processing (now supporting up to 9.1.6 Sonarworks calibration exported directly to SPQ), DADman Pro | Mon for monitor calibration, EUCON-enabled remote control, and the expanded 512 x 64 summing mixer, MTRX II will satisfy all of your monitoring, talkback, and cue mixing needs. And with the increased 4,096 x 4,096 matrix mixer, you can feed any input to any output—or even send audio to multiple outputs simultaneously—giving you nearly unlimited flexibility and connectivity options.

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